Exploring mode

I usually describe myself a stick. Not because I’m as thin as one but because I’m as inflexible as a stick.

But I joined contemporary dance class at the Natya Institute of Kathak. This is a fancy famous place in Malleswaram started by a great dancer Dr Maya Rao and a lot of wonderful dancers have arose from here.

Am I trying to be one of those amazing dancers? Na..like my teacher says “enjoy dancing, give your body a chance”.

I’d been admiring contemporary dance since high school and lately I saw a short video of my friend in the US dancing so beautifully that I wanted to learn.

So what if it’s hard? So what if I’m a stick? What if i have no prior background in dance? So what if I’m 25. I’m not getting any younger anyway!

So I decided I’d go for it. Bought a T-shirt that says “Explore mode” and attended a class. After that day’s class, this week I’m trying to fix my sore muscles before I get back to my second class 😛

Exploring mode

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